About us

“Towards an open, fair and sustainable Europe in the World” The EU Presidency Project’s slogan is a vision worth fighting for!
We join hands to increase public support for a European Union which puts the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, development cooperation, human rights, and civil society space at the centre of its work.

Behind this project are national and pan-European NGO platforms for development and relief, representing the current and upcoming EU Council Presidencies.  FOND (Romania), Fingo (Finland), CROSOL (Croatia), and CONCORD (pan-European) are proud to collaborate for coherent development policies and positive change in Europe.


The Romanian NDGO platform was founded in 2007 and is currently counting 33 member organizations that engage their work in development and international cooperation


Fingo is an umbrella organisation for Finnish NGOs working on development cooperation, sustainable development and global citizenship education.


CROSOL is a national platform of Croatian NGOs working on development cooperation. The platform has 32 members and was established in 2014.


CONCORD is the European NGO Confederation for Development and Relief. Representing over 2,600 NGOs, we work for a world in which everyone can enjoy wellbeing and equality.

Romania is presiding the Council of the European Union for the first time from 1st of January until 1st of July 2019.

Finland’s third EU Presidency period begins on 1 July 2019.

Croatia will preside the European Council from January to June 2020.

CONCORD is the European Confederation for Development and Relief. We shape EU development policies by combining the advocacy expertise of our members throughout Europe. In this sense, CONCORD is EU Presidency Project’s base in Brussels.

Latest News

Croatia news: Third public consultations with citizens

CROSOL has organised third consultations with Croatian citizens about potential EU Presidency priorities in the city of Split, on Monday 15 April. The consultations were conducted in co-operation with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and local youth group...

Difficult government negotiations ahead in Finland

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) won a narrow victory in Finland’s general election on Sunday. The race between different parties was very tight as SDP got 17.7 percent of the vote and 40 seats in the 200-seat parliament, and the second biggest party, the far-right...

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