Ana-Maria Apropei

Ana-Maria Apropei

FOND Project Coordinator

Ana graduated from the Faculty of Public Administration – the European Administration specialty and attended the Master of European Administrative Studies within National University of Political Studies and Public Administration – Bucharest. In search for extra-curricular activities to bring her closer to study subjects and to help her better understand what she is studying, she volunteered at Pro Democracy Association (APD) – Bucharest where she became very much attached to the NGO environment.

The three years spent at APD led Ana to build a her professional career by contributing to the development of society. For two years, she worked in the social field within an organization that supports victims of domestic violence, realizing that it is not enough to help one person at a time, decided to get involved in a field that produces large-scale changes, and FOND is the ideal environment for her to contribute to the development and improvement of the current society.

Email | Phone:  +40741102332