Croatia will preside the European Council from Jan -June 2020

Croatia will preside the European Council for the first time as a newest EU member state. This is a huge challenge as for the state administration as for the CSOs.  They have both started preparations for this task.

Civil society and presidency

CROSOL has initiated national civil society  FORUM 2020 as a platform of CSOs interested to participate, promote and monitor presiding. At the moment FORUM has 23 members and has started national consultations about potential presidency priorities from the perspective of citizens. Some forthcoming activities are:

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Consultation with citizens

..about potential presidency priority topics. What  we, as a citizens are thinking is important to put on EU agenda.

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Establishing media HUB

… involve media in critical and objective coverage of presidencies

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Monitoring government preparations

… for the presidency. Ensure citizens voices are important.

Latest News

Croatian CSOs presidency priorities

After conducting country-wide public consultations, Croatian civil society organisations gathered in Forum2020 have announced their priorities for the forthcoming Croatian presidency over the EU Council. The priorities have been grouped into four categories:...

CROATIA NEWS: small grants call open for local CSOs

In cooperation with Solidarna foundation, as a part of the presidency project, CROSOL has published call for small grants for CSOs related to the Croatia presiding European Council in 2020. Through the consultations with CSOs we have define four thematic call...