The Romanian NDGO Platform, advancing discussions on the Agenda 2030 within the Romanian EU Presidency

Romania officially took over the mandate for the Presidency of the European Union Council on the 1st of January 2019 and supported the duties that come along with this role until the 1st of July 2019, when it hand it over to Finland.

The official programmme associated with the given period of time highlights four pillars of importance, namely: Europe of Convergence, A safer Europe, Europe as a stronger global actor and Europe of Common Values. In regard to its role in promoting the development and international cooperation policies of the EU, Romania committed to adopt a stronger position in the Western Balkans and the Eastern Neighborhood, especially in the Black Sea region, thus also maintaining a strategic partnership with Turkey. Moreover, the negotiations of several subjects are due to take place in this term, such as a newly defined Instrument for Neighborhood, Development and International Cooperation (under the Multiannual Financial Framework), or the post-Cotonou Agreement (relations with Africa Caribbean and Pacific group of states).

In this context, the Romanian NDGO platform – FOND was actively involved in facilitating the dialogue between the civil society organisations from Romania and the neighborhood region (Black Sea Region, Western Balkans), relevant stakeholders and official representatives at both national and European level.


As part of the project ”Towards Open, Fair and Sustainable Europe in the World – EU Presidency Project 2019-2021,” we are happy to announce a series of events happening both in Bucharest and Brussels during the mandate of the Romanian Presidency at the EU Council, which are organized or supported by the Romanian NDGO Platform:

5 March 2019



Seminar in Brussels: Advancing the implementation of Agenda 2030 

16 April 2019

International Conference in Bucharest: 2030 Agenda: Partnerships for Sustainable Development

17-18 of April


HUB1 Concord Meeting in Bucharest

26 - 28 June 2019

infographic migration

The 11th Edition of the Romanian Development Camp

July 2019

Looking back on the achievements of the EU Presidency Project in Romania

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FOND is a representative, recognized and active Romanian platform, both at national and international level. Its mission is to support the development and implementation of a coherent and effective policy of Romania in the fields of international development cooperation and humanitarian aid, to increase the capacity of member organisations to educate the general public on development cooperation by implementing projects and specific programs, networking, training sessions, research, public policy and advocacy activities. Currently FOND has 33 member organisations located all over Romania, active at both regional and international level in the Black Sea, the Balkans, Africa and Asia. 

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