Slovenia's second EU Council Presidency runs from July to December 2021.

During Slovenia’s EU Council Presidency 2021, in the frame of the implementation of the Agenda 2030 and ensuring civil society space, SLOGA will focus on inequalities, improving mechanisms for Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development and global citizenship education.

SLOGA’s and its member and partner organizations’ actions within the EU Presidency Project will address the means of implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development, especially on gender equality, climate change, Official Development Assistance (ODA) and global citizenship education. Furthermore, SLOGA will strive to strengthen multi-stakeholder collaboration for the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda and to raise awareness on the interconnectedness of development, human rights and civic space. The red thread of the activities will be ensuring full participation and engagement of civil society in activities, events and processes around the EU Council Presidency.

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The activities of SLOGA will encompass NGDO capacity development process, development cooperation conferences at national and EU level, focused media work to improve visibility of development community efforts, an NGDO awareness-raising campaign, various events, and provide expert input to foster the development cooperation agenda.


SLOGA is a Slovenian NGO platform/network bringing together 38 Slovenian NGOs active in international development cooperation, global (citizenship) education and humanitarian aid. The aim of the platform is to connect and strengthen the partnerships among Slovenian NGOs, which are active in and/or are raising awareness of Slovenian and European public about coherent development and global solidarity.

SLOGA serves as the key national NGO interlocutor for policy-making processes on international development cooperation and international humanitarian aid. As an umbrella organisation, SLOGA mostly focuses on advocacy, capacity development, awareness-raising and information service activities.

In 2015, SLOGA has launched the Coalition 2030 initiative, an informal network with the purpose of promoting Slovenia’s responsibility in implementing the SDGs. Since 2015, SLOGA has been engaged as the coordinator of an informal NGO coalition working on migration, refugee and integration issues, with the aim of assuring coherent and coordinated response to the crisis in Slovenia – through joint advocacy activities and appeals to the Government, capacity-building activities and debates with the aim of exchanging information and experience.

SLOGA is an active member of CONCORD, Forus, ALDA, SDG Watch Europe and EADI.

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