“Towards an open, fair and sustainable Europe in the world”

Admittedly, our slogan might sound utopian to some. Understandably so, given that in its current Trio Program, Romania, Finland, and Croatia have set their agendas with a focus on growth, competitiveness, energy union, freedom and security rather than promoting policies that finally lead Europe towards real sustainability.  

This is where we come into play: The EU Council Presidencies, held by one EU member state for six months at a time, are great chances for setting the European agenda. As a partnership of national and pan-European NGO organisations for development and relief, we believe that these agendas need to uncompromisingly follow three principals:




To advocate for these principles and ensure their coherence within the framework of the EU Presidencies, the Romanian NGO platform FOND, the Finnish NGO Platform for Development and Relief Fingo, the Croatian Platform for International Citizen Solidarity CROSOL, and CONCORD, the European NGO Confederation for Development and Relief, have joined forces under the EU Presidency Project. With our combined ideas, expertise, and voices, we truly believe our slogan can become more than a utopian idea.

This website will be a platform to showcase our advocacy work connected to EU Presidencies both nationally and internationally, to share our latest news and milestones, and to promote our common goal: A European Union which puts the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, development cooperation, human rights, and civil society space at the centre of its work.

Enjoy your visit and make sure to come back for regular updates!

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