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From 1 July 2022 to 31 December 2022, the Czech Republic will hold its second Presidency of the EU Council.

FoRS – Czech Forum for Development Cooperation is a platform of non-profit organisations active in foreign development cooperation, humanitarian aid, education and awareness-raising on development issues.

FoRS wants foreign development cooperation, humanitarian aid and an active approach to Sustainable Development Goals to be an effective and appreciated contribution of our country to the resolution of common problems and thus also an investment to the quality of life of us and our descendants.

FoRS works to improve quality and sustainability of life of people from all around the world, as well as from the Czech Republic. Moreover, it tries to increase the effectiveness of development cooperation. In addition, FoRS enforces mutual interests of its members and contributes to the development of its members’ expertise, and creates space for their mutual cooperation.

FoRS members include local non-profit organisations, think tanks, national departments of international organisations and universities and other entities. FoRS is a platform for mutual coordination and representation of its members towards other actors, especially in the Czechia and the EU, such as state authorities, NGO partner platforms and networks, representatives of the private sector, etc.

thematic areas


Foreign development cooperation


Czech humanitarian aid abroad


Education and awareness-raising


Extending partner cooperation


Space for NGO engagement


Coherence between development and non-development policies

interests of its members and observers

It monitors key processes that are related to development cooperation, humanitarian assistance and global development education at Czech and EU levels.

It forms joint statements on development and humanitarian issues.

It is a partner to the state administration in development and humanitarian issues.

It is a part of international networks.

It organizes educational events, expert and political discussions for a wide range of actors.

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