This year’s edition of the Festival of Global Education, organized by organizations associated in FoRS, took place on 22-24 November. A number of interesting workshops took place, a panel discussion with star guests, and we did not forget the rich accompanying program.

The central theme was the question that many of us ask ourselves every day “How to live sustainably in today’s connected world and what can we do about it as individuals, students, teachers and citizens?”

We live in complex times. We are threatened by climate change, the war in Ukraine and the food and energy crises that go hand in hand. It may be that, in the face of current crises and pressures, the misinformed person easily succumbs to the feeling that he cannot do much as an individual. Therefore, in this year’s GE Festival, we focused on what we can do ourselves.

During the main part of the program in the Hybernská Campus, teachers, representatives of organizations that have long been dedicated to the topic of development education, and experts met together. Together, we created an inspiring environment full of sharing experiences.

The excellent moderator Jana Peroutková from The Czech Television led us through the panel debate “We learn and live in troubled times”, organized by FoRS in cooperation with People in Need. The invitation was also accepted by teacher Hana Vacková, sociologist Daniel Prokop, professor of history at Boston University Igor Lukeš and clinical psychologist Adam Suchý.

The panel debate opened the topic of life in a post-factual age, a time full of speed and confusion. We listened to tips on how to work with ourself and with children as best as possible. The guests also answered the question, what changes does the Czech system and education need? How to guide ourselves and our children through a time full of (mis)information and not lose touch with ourselves? And are Czechs really atheists if they love fairy tales above all else?

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