Universities for Development – a meeting of academic, non-profit, public and private sector actors who are active in foreign development cooperation, humanitarian aid and global development education and awareness. The day full of sharing experiences and talking about projects from various corners of the world is behind us, but we believe that many follow-up events and activities that resulted from inspiring discussions await us.

The event took place on November 29, 2022. The first part of the program consisted of a closed debate between representatives of the academic sector. Together, they not only shared the outputs of their projects, but subsequently contributed their experiences to a discussion focused on several fundamental topics. We have defined the challenges that academic institutions encounter during the implementation of their projects, and outlined the possibilities for solving them. Together, we also touched on, for example, the issues of establishing international partnerships or how to make the sending of students abroad more efficient.

The subsequent public part of the program was mainly about connecting the academic, non-profit, public and private sectors. Our goal was to bring closer the activities of the academic sector in foreign development cooperation and humanitarian aid, to discuss its specific role and the possibilities of intersectoral cooperation. Academic institutions  had the opportunity to present their projects to the audience individually.

The follow-up panel discussion on the topic “The specific role of the academic sector in the area of development cooperation, humanitarian aid, global education and opportunities for intersectoral cooperation” was moderated by Tereza Němečková from the Metropolitan University of Prague. The invitation was accepted by:

  • Petr Maděra, Mendel University in Brno
  • Jan Říkovský, CARITAS College of social work Olomouc
  • Jana Plavcová, People in Need
  • Jaromír Novák, Holistic Solutions, s.r.o.
  • Hana Volná, deputy director of the Department of Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid

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