Finland’s third EU Presidency period begins on 1 July 2019.

The current presidency trio, Romania, Finland and Croatia, have agreed on joint priority areas, which are Union for jobs, growth and competitiveness, energy union, freedom and security, protecting citizens and Union as global actor. Towards Open, Fair and Sustainable Europe in the world – Presidency Project aims to have sustainability, development cooperation, human rights and the role of civil society at the heart of EU policy.

Fingo’s five advocacy priorities during the presidency are:  

  • Next Commission needs to have sustainable development as one of the priorities for its five-year strategy, and to create a comprehensive strategic plan for implementing Agenda 2030 in all policy areas 
  • EU’s climate goals for 2030 need to be in-line with 1,5 degrees path. EU needs to be carbon neutral by 2040 and to have negative emissions soon thereafter. Projects based on fossil fuels will not be funded anymore. 
  • Poverty eradication will remain at the core of EU’s development cooperation and external action instrument NDICI in the next Multiannual Financial Framework 
  • EU needs to incorporate alternative indicators on wellbeing and sustainability into its decision making.  These indicators need to have higher priority than economic indicators like GDP. 
  • EU needs to adopt binding corporate human rights due diligence legislation 


29 August 2019


Europe against inequality – Panel discussion, Europe Forum Turku.

28-29 October 2019


Beyond Growth – Indicators for people and planet

1 November 2019

Policy Dialogue – Financing for Sustainable Development in Africa


Fingo is an NGO platform and an expert on global development.  Fingo and its member organisations work to make life better – for everyone.  

We function as an umbrella organisation of 300 member organisations working in the areas of development cooperation and global education.  Fingo’s members represent different types and sizes of organisations. What unites these actors are shared values and work or interest in global development issues.

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Raising public awareness about human rights and EU policies

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