Six months is a short time especially in EU politics. That’s one reason why we at Fingo believe, it was about time to start EU Presidency Project and closer cooperation between European NGO platforms during their EU presidencies.

Romanian FOND started the project at the beginning of 2019, and now Fingo has already passed the baton of EU presidency to CROSOL. Within few months the first trio will give the floor to the second trio – Venro from Germany, Portuguese NGDO Platform and Sloga from Slovenia.

Now it’s time to look back at our achievements: What did we at Fingo achieve during Finland’s presidency?


Empowered CSOs in Finland

One objective of EU Presidency Project is to share knowledge about EU our main themes – sustainable development, development cooperation, civil society and human rights. We did a lot buy ourselves, but we also knew, that we’ll obtain the best results by supporting our member organisations. That’s why we gave financial contribution, sub-grants, for three Finnish CSOs and one Slovenian CSO. You can find more information about our sub-grant projects from here.

A great number of our member organisations also actively participated to different actions, for example events or awareness raising activities, with us. For example, 10 organisations joint forces for a social media campaign for more gender equal EU. Read more about the campaign from here.

13 events

During Finnish presidency, Fingo organised 13 events. Some events were open for a bigger audience, for example seminar about EU’s immigrant policy and situation in Mediterranean, organised together with Doctors without Borders Finland. Financing for Sustainable Development on Africa -seminar brought together over 100 people to discuss about Finland’s new Africa strategy and the future of the continent.

Some events were organised for a more targeted audience, for example the event for young Finnish journalists organised together with the Unit for Development Communications of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Biggest events during Finnish EU Presidency were Beyond Growth – Indicators and Politics for People and Planet and Envision 4.7. organised by Bridge 47 -project.

“To achieve more sustainable economy, we need cross-sectional cooperation. Beyond Growth -conference gathered together over 180 people from over one hundred organisations representing CSOs, public and private sectors, universities etc.”, Elina Mikola, sustainable economy specialist from Fingo, says.

All in all, over 1 200 people participated to our events during Finland’s EU Presidency.

Efficient lobbying and 8 recommendations towards more sustainable future

EU Presidency team met politicians, leaders and civil servants in over 40 official lobby meetings during EU presidency. We also wrote 8 recommendations or policy papers, for example Beyond Growth -recommendations and Envision 4.7. roadmap.

At least as important as writing policy recommendations towards more sustainable politics, is that recommendations reach the most important stakeholders. We were very pleased to notice, that our Beyond Growth -recommencations have been mentioned in in EU Council conclusions “Sustainable Europe by 2030”. Our advocacy work for sustainable economy will continue also after first phase of EU presidency project.

Our message reached over 1 900 000 people

During Finland’s EU presidency Fingo and main themes of the project – sustainable development, development cooperation, civil society and human rights – were mentioned in Finnish media 38 times. In addition to that, we also got three international media hits. We also actively published our own content in our website (both in Finnish and in English) and social media, especially in Twitter and Facebook.

Altogether we reached over 1 900 000 people through traditional media and social media. Also, our sub-granted project got very positive feedback about their awareness raising activities.

Closer cooperation between European CSOs

All in all, we think that the most important achievement is the EU Presidency Project itself. Conservative and nationalistic politics have become more common in all over the Europe. The following years will in many ways shape the future of the EU. That’s why cooperation between European NGOs for open, fair and sustainable Europe is maybe more important now than never.

We hope that CONCORD, CROSOL, FOND and Fingo, as the first trio, were able to set a path for a successful cooperation also in the future.

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