Finnish civil society organizations created tangible outcomes of the sub-grants awarded by the EU Presidency Project.

As part of EU presidency project, Fingo awarded three separate sub-grants to the campaigns of civil society organizations: Pro Ethical Trade Finland, UN-Youth Finland and KIOS Foundation.

The results of the sub-grants were quite distinctive but had one similar goal: to raise public awareness of new and emerging advocacy topics.  The campaigns featured a business and human rights Ninja, videos about courageous women’s rights defenders from around the world, and young people who challenged European decisionmakers in the #MEPChallenge.

Total reach of three campagns

Women’s rights defenders in Helsinki

KIOS Foundation, an organisation that aims to strengthen the realization of human rights by supporting the work of the civil society in developing countries, was one of the awarded sub-grantees.

KIOS together with Amnesty Finland held a seminar in 29th of August called Supporting women, protecting rights, in which human rights defender. The grant enabled funding the travel costs of one speaker, Memory Bandera Rwampwany, the Program Director in DefendDefenders from Uganda. The financial support made it possible to feature Memory in a video campaign describing the work of human rights defenders in the world. The clips got about 40 000 views and sparked broad interest on Social Media.

The video can be found at the KIOS Facebook page.

An authentic social media campaign

Pro Ethical Trade Finland tries to advance fairer and more ecologically sustainable world trade. They demonstrated how awareness-raising could be entertaining, even when the topic itself is pressing: UN international business and human rights treaty.

The result is a humoristic yet educative internet clip called Business and human rights – Ninja, where a Ninja pushes policy-proposals to the Agenda of the Council of the European Union. The clip got about 29 0000 views on Social Media and is worth watching! You can find it on Youtube (in Finnish).

Young activists were challenging MEPs

One purpose of the sub-grants was to emphasize youth in advocacy topics. UN-Youth of Finland promotes youth participation opportunities in international and domestic issues. In cooperation with Agenda2020 Network for youth, their campaign took young people’s questions and brought them to MEPs. It challenged them to respond to the concerns of young people in a video-series titling #HaastaMEP (MEP Challenge in English).

Amongst the interviews are statements from Finnish MEP Heidi Hautala about preserving biodiversity and fighting climate change. Sirpa Pietikäinen answered to issues about food safety and what particular actions may ensure sustainability. Silvia Modig elaborated about how to fight hate speech, without compromising on freedom of expression.

All three campaigns achieved proper attention by a broad audience in Finland. The Social Media presence total added up to over 50 000 views and numerous engagements, which surely helped to raise public awareness beyond the usual reach of Fingo.

Text: Cyril Sjöström

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