Sweden's third EU Council Presidency runs from 1 January 2023 until June 2023

CONCORD Sweden is a platform made up of 81 Swedish civil society organisations. Together we work for a more just and sustainable world by influencing Swedish and European foreign and development policies.

Our vision is a sustainable world without poverty and injustice, where politics promote equity, gender equality and responsibility for future generations, and where every person lives a dignified life on equal terms, free from poverty and discrimination.

CONCORD Sweden unites a diverse group of organisations consisting of hundreds of thousands engaged citizens, making us a powerful voice for global development. We want to influence politicians to formulate policies that improve the world. CONCORD Sweden also monitors whether the leaders of Sweden and the EU live up to their commitments on human rights and global sustainable development.

We always focus our advocacy efforts towards political decision-making at the level where it will have the most impact. Since many of the issues we work with are affected by EU policies, our active participation as a national platform within CONCORD Europe is essential to our work. We are one of the 28 national platforms and 23 international networks that make up CONCORD Europe, the European confederation of Relief and Development non-governmental organisations, which gathers in total 2600 European development organisations.

Our prioritized issues

The 2030 Agenda and policy coherence for development

Business and human rights

EU and Swedish aid

Civic space

Gender Equality

EU funding

Environmental and climate justice

Latest News

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