CONCORD Sweden’s member organizations have had the opportunity to apply for funding for projects that they want to realize within the framework of the Presidency Project (EUPP). Below, we proudly present our seven members who implements various projects in relation to Sweden’s presidency of the EU.

Amazon Watch Sweden

The project #StopEUMercosur aims to inform about the EU-Mercosur trade agreement, which is an agreement that would have devastating consequences for the planet’s biodiversity and increase violations of indigenous peoples’ human rights. Amazon Watch Sweden wants to highlight how the trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur affects Sweden and the Amazon, and why it must not be approved in its current form. The trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur increases the risk of illegal deforestation of the Amazon, human rights violations against indigenous peoples and hinders the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

The Swedish Foundation for Human Rights (SFHR)

The SFHR wants to increase knowledge and awareness of the EU’s role and mandate as a global actor in the field of democracy, peace and human rights. Their project focuses on clarifying the interdependence between respect for human rights, a societal development that promotes peaceful coexistence, and responsible institutions – in accordance with Agenda 2030. The project is based on a publication that the SFHR produced in 2022 where the EU is one of the institutions included in the review. The publication highlights the role of the European institutions in ensuring peace and human rights. Read more about the SFHR here.

LSU – Sweden’s children’s and youth organizations

The project will complete a study on how Sweden’s youth policy letter corresponds to the EU’s youth policy framework, disseminate an analysis of the results of the survey, and hold panel discussions where the analytical report (in swedish) is presented and discussed. All three parts will be carried out as preparatory events for the EU Youth Conference in Sweden 20-22 of March, that LSU is organizing together with the Ministry of Culture and MUCF in within the framework of the EU Youth Dialogue.

RFSU – the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education

The project aims to raise awareness of, and commitment to, the EU’s external politics. RFSU wants to increase the commitment to gender equality, as well as sexual and reproductive health and rights among a selection of European civil society organizations and decision-makers with influence over the EU’s and EU member states’ external relations. An intermediate goal is that European civil society organizations will have increased access to information and facts in order to better advocate for gender equality and SRHR in the EU’s and EU member states’ external relations. In addition, RFSU aims to create space for informal discussion ad exchange of experiences between member states, European decision-makers and civil society on how best to make a difference for SRHR within the framework of the EU’s international relations. Read more about RFSU’s work here.

Läkarmissionen/LM International

During Sweden’s presidency in the EU and with 7 years left to realize Agenda 2030, Läkarmissionen/LM International, wants to mobilize commitment to the global sustainability agenda and increase support for, and knowledge of, global development cooperation. They are collaborating with Kista Folk High School to invite young people from the Järva area to the development sphere, with the aim of increasing awareness and knowledge about development aid, global issues, Agenda 2030, and the EU as a global actor. Read more about their work here.

The Hunger Project

The aim of this project is to contribute to increased knowledge about the EU’s work by focusing on the issue of hunger. The goal is to increase knowledge about the EU and their role in working for a world without hunger among their networks. They will do this by producing short, informative and clear communication material that is disseminated in digital channels and newsletters. The Hunger Project Sweden has created an EU website where they explain in a simple way what role the EU has on the global hunger issue (in Swedish).

War Child Sweden

The Swedish Presidency of the EU coincides with a revision of the EU’s global health strategy. In September, War Child Sweden submitted a response to the consultation on the revision of the EU Health Strategy, focusing on mental health and psychosocial support. They have coordinated a working group on mental health in a global perspective. In this EUPP-project, War Child Sweden wants to raise awareness of Europe’s citizens’ right to mental health and the EU’s ability to provide mental health care to its citizens. They will do this with a social media campaign, an advertising campaign in public transport, and targeted advocacy measures. The campaign will be implemented under the slogan “EU’s global right to mental health”.

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