Fingo’s main event during Finland’s Presidency, Beyond Growth – Indicators and politics for people and planet, brings 150 specialist from decision-making, administration, civil society, business, and academia to Helsinki to discuss and develop recommendations for the EU to advance the use of wellbeing and sustainability indicators as guides for policy-making.

Many of the planet-wide ecosystems are near to their tipping points, climate change threatens everything that is important to us, and inequality within countries is growing.There is a widely shared need for redefining progress through measures that go beyond GDP. We require a stronger and more realistic knowledge base for policy-making to create wellbeing that is sustainable now and in the future. 

The event is organized by Finnish Development NGOs – Fingo together with Finland’s National Commission on Sustainable Development and takes place in Helsinki on 28-29 October 2019. The conference is Fingo’s main event during the  in 2019.

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