In cooperation with Solidarna foundation, as a part of the presidency project, CROSOL has published call for small grants for CSOs related to the Croatia presiding European Council in 2020. Through the consultations with CSOs we have define four thematic call priorities:
(1) Strengthening EU internal mechanisms for respecting the rule of law, human rights and free space for civic engagement
(2) Promoting and advocating EU enlargement policy in the Western Balkans
(3) Promoting and advocating the implementation of the EU Strategy for Sustainable Development Agenda 2030
(4) Promoting and advocating the EU role in global policies through peacebuilding.
The call is open for CROSOL members and members of Forum2020 – non-formal platform of CSOs interested in shaping/influencing Croatian presidency.
Additional call will be launched in September 2019 for high school students for implementing actions related to the combating climate change.