After conducting country-wide public consultations, Croatian civil society organisations gathered in Forum2020 have announced their priorities for the forthcoming Croatian presidency over the EU Council.

The priorities have been grouped into four categories:

  1. Democratic Europe of free and responsible citizens. A Union where rule of law and human rights are respected. A Union of free, independent and critical civil society, independent institutions and media
  2. A Union with continued potential for expansion, serving as a stability factor for Western Balkans
  3. A Union committed to Sustainable Development Goals – within and beyond its borders
  4. European Union as a global peacebuilder – remembering that EU was built as a “peace project”

The detailed list priorities is available here.

Croatian CSOs call on other European CSOs to join forces in advocating towards the Croatian government and EU Council on defined priorities. In the upcoming period, Forum2020 will conduct series of meetings with decision-makers in an attempt to integrate those priorities into the official Croatian presidency priorities.

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