The beginning of December for Zagreb and Rijeka is reserved for the festival of  socially engaged film – 17. Human Rights Film Festival (1-8/12/2019 Zagreb, Rijeka) in which this year, due to the Croatian EU presidency, CROSOL will participate as an official festival partner.

CROSOL’s task during the presidency will be to gather the Croatian civil society organizations with the aim of organizing various events regarding the presidency in order to ensure that human rights, rule of law, sustainable development, peacebuilding and solidarity will be essential parts of future EU policies. To increase public awareness about the EU presidency, CROSOL will support film screenings and disseminate promotional material in which the public can learn what exactly EU presidency is, what it can mean for an „ordinary citizen“ and what are the civil society priorities for Croatian EU presidency.

The main festival program will introduce new works of respected film directors, and the additional festival program will contain workshops, panels and round tables that will follow the subjects of film projections regarding current human rights topics. CROSOL will, together with Foundation SOLIDARNA, held a panel on the ways that Romanin civil society used their EU presidency mandate to inform the public about human rights violations and corruption: Can the citizens tear down illiberal regimes – Experiences of Romania and Croatia.

The panel, that will be joined by activists from both countries, will be held on Saturday, 7th of December, after the screening of the documentary film “O lijepa, o draga, o slatka slobodo” by Gordan Bosanac, production by House of Human Rights Zagreb. The film will be screened at 7 pm at Dokukino KIC.

It’s important to mention other events from additional festival programe that will be organized by CROSOL’s member organizations: panel on political communication and manipulation of voters, a panel discussion on violence against woman in labor and panel on new challenges in the fight against violence against woman inspired by local movement Justice for girls.

The main and additional festival program will be held at movie theatre Tuškanac and Dokukino KIC. Entrance for all film screenings and additional program is fee of charge.

More information about the festival and its additional program can be found here.

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