Fingo together with Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health SOSTE organised a panel discussion about inequality in Europe. The panel was part of Europe Forum Turku, which is an event for discussion around the future of Finland and Europe. The event promotes open, science-based dialogue between citizens and policymakers.

Panelist were MEP Heidi Hautala, Member of the Parliament of Finland Saara-Sofia Sirén, SOSTE’s Specialist Erja Saarinen, Fingo’s Sustainable Development Specialist Jussi Kanner. The panel was hosted by an editor-in-chief of the local newspaper Turun Sanomat, Kari Vainio.

Acording to Eurostat, the EU’s statistical office, European countries hasn’t been able to reduce poverty and inequality. European inequalities are primarily due to inequalities within countries.

“When talking about inequality, we often focus on income and wealth inequalities. Anyhow, inequality is much wider problem than only income, wealth and fore example education, but those ones are the easiest to measure. It’s difficult to measure things like sense of powerlessness and exclusiveness”, said Erja Saarinen, a Specialist from SOSTE.

“European Union as the biggest actor of development cooperation and the largest trading block in the world can also have a huge impact on global inequality”, remainded Jussi Kanner from Fingo.

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