Cover page of the publication "'We want fair, inclusive and mutually beneficial relations' - Results of the Africa-Europe Civil Society Survey". Copyright: EU Presidency ProjectMore than 360 representatives of African and European civil society organisations (CSOs) from 28 African and 11 European countries took part in the Africa-Europe Civil Society Survey. The results have now been published and are available on the EUPP website.

The survey is the first of its kind and offers an insightful snapshot of the views of CSO representatives on the relations between the two continents. The main findings are clear: cooperation between Africa and Europe could hardly be more important for civil society on both sides.

However, the quality of relations is viewed critically – processes like the update of the Africa-EU Partnership are not transparent enough, and they are too far removed from everyday life. Furthermore, opportunities for citizens to voice out concerns and raise suggestions are too limited. But there is a strong desire for greater involvement so that civil society expertise can inform the content and priorities of the Africa-EU Partnership and other forms of cooperation.

You can find the publication here  and in our section “Resources”.

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