“Our job is to give HOPE …” – the phrase that we heardat the EUROPEAN Citizens’ Summit, still echoes in our ears. This is the thought that perhaps we all took back with us from our study visit to Brussels.

Despite the global challenges, the international meetings and the information we learned have updated and strengthened our conviction that international development, attitude formation, global education and humanitarian aid are worthwhile and must be addressed at home, in Hungary as well. 

We are sure that we have not only become richer in the professional field: we have also had valuable encounters and got to know each other.

During 5 days we visited Brussels and got to know the workings of the European Union institutions, the work that goes on here and we talked about global challenges from different perspectives.

We visited:

  • the European Commission
  • the Permanent Representation of Hungary to the European Union
  • the European Parliament
  • the CONCORD Europe team
  • the European Citizen Summit
  • at the Parliamentary Assembly in Brussels.

Our small team, Bálint, Réka, Nóri, Sanyi, Dorka, Judit, Karina, Gábor, Marci and Anna, smoothly overcame the obstacles – only the public transport in Brussels, the ticket purchase caused a little trouble – and soon they took the city as a close-knit team.


Thank you to all our colleagues for taking part, and to the locals for keeping up the good work and supporting our journey!

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