The ”scout way” is inherently advocating for sustainable development! Values such as care – for others and the world we live in – cooperation and responsibility are representative for our sustainable development ways in an equal measure. For this reason, the National Organisation for Romanian Scouts took the pledge of spreading the word about how scouting intertwines with the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. 

The SDG Starter Pack project aimed to create an educational framework that responds directly to the need of proactive and strategical intervention for the long term, in order to create a sustainable society. Sustainability of the information campaign was the core value and it was ensured by the activities carried out within the project: a network of 40 facilitators for sustainable development, a guide to support the development of any kind of educational activity from the perspective of sustainable development, information campaigns and sharing of experiences.

Actions developed during the EU Presidency campaign:

The main point of the SDG Starter Pack was to equip people with basic knowledge when it comes to education for sustainable development, Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, but also to raise awareness regarding the limits of our natural resources and to determine the children to have a wider sense of responsibility and a bigger use of a responsible consumption.

The practical application of the Romanian Scouts’ actions led to developing 1 course design for education for development, 1 responsible event organizing toolkit and 1 sustainable development communication manual, that would contribute to organisations’ ways of shaping their events and communication actions – especially the scout organisations, but a lot of information found in these toolkits can be applied to other organisations as well. 

The guide for a sustainable event is tackling the challenges of designing an entirely sustainable event, taking into account a large number of aspects, from choosing a place for the event to how to serve the food and what sort of material you should use for serving the meals. We should always keep in mind to think first at food, trash, accommodation, transport and how to produce the eco-friendliest (low carbon emissions) event.

SDG Starter Pack reached:

Direct beneficiaries

Indirect beneficiaries

Online reach

We are not yet where we should be in terms of education of young people in regards to this topic, so for us this was the right project to apply and maybe unlock other opportunities for us, to reach more young people in Romania. The SDG Starter Pack is self-explanatory somehow, is dedicated to people who are not professionals in terms of SDGs.

Daniela Borontiș

Sustainability Coordinator, National Organization of Romanian Scouts

We found out more about the ”scout method” and how it goes hand in hand with the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Apart from receiving several tips and tricks for sustainable event organizing, we found out that is never too late to convert to scouting, so take a listen to our talk and pass it along!

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