SLOGA has called on the Slovenian government to step up the effort to help eradicate hunger globally and increase funds for international development cooperation, also in view of Slovenia’s presidency of the Council of the EU.

If Slovenia wants to contribute to eradicating hunger worldwide, it needs to increase funds for international development cooperation from 0.16% of gross national income (GNI) to 0.33% of GNI in accordance with its global commitment, Sloga said as the preparatory meeting got underway in Rome ahead of the UN Food Systems Summit in September.

The organisation noted that 811 million people or a tenth of the global population were undernourished in 2020. This was as nearly 2.37 billion people – almost one in three – did not have access to adequate food, an increase of 320 million people in one year.

The organisation also noted that two billion people depend on food produced on small farms or on income generated by those farms, while they are exposed to the impact of climate change that they have contributed the least to unfair practice throughout value chains and to detrimental trade agreements.

The organisation thus called on the government to boost its activities for global solidarity and for the transformation of the existing system of food supply.

“During the presidency of the Council of the EU, Slovenia must advocate concrete action and meeting the agreed policies. Implementing Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, the Paris Agreement, respecting human rights and the Convention of the International Labour Organisation are a sufficient basis for concrete action,” stressed Platforma SLOGA.

Two of the tasks where SLOGA believes Slovenia can contribute is increasing the money provided by industrialised countries to protect small farms and implementing sustainable practices throughout food value chains.

The organisation also urged Slovenia to “put the right to food at the forefront of EU policies” ahead of the November COP26 climate change conference and the December nutrition for growth summit.

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