International Civil Society Week (ICSW) is a global gathering for civil society to connect, debate and create shared solutions. This year over 1,000 participants from all over the world gathered in Belgrade, Serbia to discuss and learn about The power of Togetherness, which was the theme of the year.

NGO platforms from the first trio were well represented at the event. Romanian FOND organised Protecting Civic Freedoms – Our Stories of Resilience -event together with Balkan Civil Society Development Network, European Civic Forum, Balkan Trust for Democracy and the German Marshall Fund.

Rilli Lappalainen from Fingo had the honor to participate at the early morning plenary about how the civil society context is changing and what is required for sustainable collaboration.

And of course, we used this opportunity to meet our colleagues from the EU Presidency Project to share the latest news about the project.

“It is great to be a part of ICSW in Belgrade – many opportunities to meet new colleagues, but also to catch up with very familiar ones. So good to see our partners from FINGO and exchange news and ideas on our joint EU Presidency 2019 – 2020 project”, Branka Juran from CROSOL said.

Rilli Lappalainen, Branka Juran and Enni Saikkonen

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