EEB and Umanotera, The Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development, the leading NGO in the field of sustainable development in Slovenia, have published the Memorandum to Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU with The Ten Green Tests, which include both the policy dossiers coming from the EGD, wider EU policy and legal frameworks, the international dimension and examples of where Slovenia leading by example could be inspirational to other countries.

The front page of the MemorandumThe Ten Green Tests present civil society’s vision as to what would constitute a needed success by the Slovenian Presidency of the EU in the context of the challenges the planet and society face.

The Ten Green Tests are:

  1. Drive a just transition to a sustainable and resilient Europe with the European Green Deal at its core
  2. Catalyse the green transition through tax reform and use of the MFF and Recovery Package
  3. Address the climate emergency and promote sustainable mobility
  4. Reverse the dramatic loss of biodiversity and invest in the resilience of our ecosystems
  5. Initiate a rapid transition towards sustainable food and agriculture
  6. Promote the zero-pollution ambition – clean water and clean air for all
  7. Drive a circular economy and prevent waste
  8. Shift towards a zero pollution industry
  9. Support a toxic-free environment and the ambitious implementation of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability
  10. Promote solidarity, wellbeing, social and environmental justice, and accountability


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